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Welcome, I’m Alfredo Colón Digital Media Consultant. Digital media has been a fascination of mine since a very early age that to this day never ceases to amaze me with the opportunity to constantly learn something new, this job is far from boring.

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VFX Editor work at Reaktor Post

With various years of experience as VFX Editor at Reaktor Post & Transfer, I’ve acquired a particular set of skills in project management, team building, data management/architecture to mention a few.

The opportunity of working on the largest post production studio in the caribbean (literally) ranks high on my challenging and fun workplaces experiences.

Everyday a learning experience in post production.

CG Elements composite work in progress, VFX Editor at Reaktor Post & Transfer

Radio Control

Long time hobby, up until recently limited to water and ground, recently discovered recreational aeronautical multirotor operation.

Currently experimenting hardware capabilities tests on various multirotor designs and advanced stabilization capabilities of GoPro Hero 8 Black’s hypersmooth 2.0 beyond acquiring a stabilization software company.

Motion Graphics & VFX Reels

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