Alfredo Colon

Digital Media Consultant

Drone Cintron

If you ever did a search on drones, reviews, how to build, fix or fly you’ve more than likely come across dronecintron’s Instagramor YouTube channel.

This guy is my guru with everything drone related, he’s managed to pas down years of information on the evolution in the world of line of sight and fpv racing drones. It’s mind blowing to think how far the flight controller hardware has evolved, particularly in the past 3-4 years.

Cintron as my visual observer and coach at park.

His craftwork putting together drones is bar none and flight controller programming. Many of the local Island Pilots group #static58PR (we’re up in the 50 pilots range and growing) have started with one of his creations believe it or not. If you have a drone and need help, get in touch with him through Facebook, he’ll gladly at least take a look at it and advise future steps.

Ravenous watching Cintron’s flight at Ciudad Deportiva Roberto Clemente

Watch Cintron practice one of his acrobatic routines at Ciudad Deportiva Roberto Clemente’s front park. It’s always refreshing to watch the group pilots’ individual flight dynamics. Cat like reflexes and complete control over craft makes watching these practices always an enlightening experience.

As the universe would have things come full circle, this guy’s brother and I used to have the same boat over 25 years ago, his was electric, mine was nitro, talk about this being a small world.