Alfredo Colon

Digital Media Consultant

Borinquen RC Model Club 2020 07 05

I got to burn through all 12 lipos before the hard rain hit! A couple of water drops on the camera on the last lipo hinted the imminent arrival of the rain.

Deadcat config flies pretty smooth at low throttle (25-50% for the most, I recall doing a couple of full throttle 2-3 second bursts), there is noticeable vibration on the session 5 (no ND filter or stabilization enabled), I’ m expecting the combination of the Hero 8’s stabilization algorithm and ND filters to take care of that.

I didn’t venture off far from the designated area – I didn’t have jeans to deal with the thick and thorny bushes around and they look pretty mean.

Best educated guess, the 4S.1500mah battery gave me about a 5km total traveled, landing with battery at 14.7v

Turbine jets – thank you for the show!

I’m sure I’ll want to fiddle some more with the betaflight rates and expos, for now, I’m calling it a successful hardware capabilities test.