Alfredo Colon

Digital Media Consultant

GoPro Hero 8 Black flight test around the park

First flight, testing gps telemetry

GPS metadata interpretation and implementation

Second day using the DJI Digital Goggles. They are quite the immersive experience having started with analog just shy over a year.

I wanted to test the onboard  DVR’s 120fps at 1280 feature but came to the realization it had reverted to 60 fps/1920×1080 on the third flight. I managed to record a 120 fps flight samples on both DVR & GoPro and two 240 FPS tests.

In the discovery process I came across a programmer that claimed to be able to extract telemetry data from the more recent version GoPro’s so I decided to give it a try.

In case you were wondering, this is what 5 minute flights look and weigh at 2.7k mostly.

Clips 112&113 are the 240 fps samples

ISO Was locked at 100

No ND was used due to mount (design in process)

Flight 109’s post analysis indicates proof of concept was correct.

Widget elements compositing - Flight Log 109

DVR Camera Footage - Flight Log 109

GoPro and FPV HD Camera comparison - Flight Log 109

240 fps Ultra slooomo - Flight Log 109

Widget overlays first impressions - Flight Log 109