Alfredo Colon

Digital Media Consultant

Professor Colon

These many years later of computer hardware and software experience is just a waste if I were to pass away and not share all this knowledge forward. I’ve helped  a number of people go from never having touched a computer to developing complex databases, video productions, motion graphics, graphic design, web design, architectural cad and the list just goes on and on.

I was fortunate enough to lecture multiple groups of students in various disciplines, passing on vital computer usage information, both hardware and software at the Colegio de Cinematografía Artes y Televisión (CCAT) Bayamon and Caguas locations for a number of years.

If you think of it, the video course student final work is really the product of the collection of all instructors capabilities of directing students with or without previous experience to achieve a final shot film. With the right mentoring, I think the shots speak for themselves.

CCAT December 7 2012 Open House presentation sneak peak; Prof. A. Colon
CCAT 2012 Man of Steel – NLE course final project
CCAT 2012 skate4life – NLE course final project
CCAT 2012 carjacking – NLE course final project

Fate would have me return to the school of architecture many years later to teach an advanced animation course to masters students over the course of two semesters. Many of the students used previous or current projects during the time of my course, one of these winning the ACSA International Competition: Relife of DFW Terminal A – Third Place Award in 2008. Needless to say how proud I am of these students work.

Ariana Hernandez