Alfredo Colon

Digital Media Consultant

TBS Source One Deadcat

Medium to Long Range Multirotor

Shooting for a 4 radial mile coastal LOS run

I’ve had this idea of filming a set of sunrise and sunset coastal runs along various points through the island with high visibility and minimal RF interference for some time. The dreamy floaty nature of this larger quad will hopefully make for some amazing footage.

2020 07 05 update

Tested Deadcat at Borinquen RC Model Club, I’m in love with the floaty feel, can’t to see it in full HD at 60 fps!

On Board Speedometer 74kmph~46mph

After months putting together this bigger multirotor, it finally got a taste of 6s air; engines have more than the expected power, gps seems to be in working order, it detected up to 16 satellites in the morning tests with both quads. Hopefully the R9 system can handle the proposed runs without the need for ground stations, radio or video.

*Edit – Upgrading to digital video system may warrant items such as this VAS Cyclops Receiver Antenna Array 

Analogue FPV Medium to Long range build:

  • Team Black Sheep Source One frame
  • 7″ Deadcat arms
  • BrotherHobby Avenger V2 2507/1700kv
  • Mamba F405 MK2 fc stack
  • TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 HV – RACE (SMA) VTX set to (600W)
  • R9 Slim+ receiver set to (500W)
  • RaceDay Quads GPS unit
  • Foxeer Arrow Mini Pro