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Fredz21 Steam Racing category

Fredz21 Steam Racing category


sim·u·la·tor/ˈsimyəˌlādər/Learn to pronouncenoun

Google definition
  1. a machine with a similar set of controls designed to provide a realistic imitation of the operation of a vehicle, aircraft, or other complex system, used for training purposes.”a driving simulator”
    • a program enabling a computer to execute programs written for a different operating system.noun: simulator program; plural noun: simulator programs

What better way of experiencing radio controlled hobbies that would otherwise be cost prohibitive; enter simulators.

From the beginning of this journey I was led to trying it on a simulator before actually investing on the physical aspect.

Fredz21 Steam Sims category
Fredz21 Steam Racing category

I’m particularly fond of this RC Simulation game, covering Cars, Panes/Quads and boats – particularly the fact that the indie game designer integrated an outrigger making the purchase a no brainer.

A bit of reverse engineering helped put together the only asphalt track in use in the Puert Rico On Road Circuit