Alfredo Colon

Digital Media Consultant


I’ve been an Autodesk user since 1993 when my uncle introduced me to the AutoCad R12 for DOS, marking what would be become a lifetime interest in 2D/3D CAD Design. During the time at the School of Architecture at the University of Puerto Rico, many mentors come to mind when learning the proper architectural applications of this amazing tool; Sobrino, Gundlach, Manning, Cocero.     

Fast forward 10 years later, I’m fortunate enough to have meet the amazing faculty at the Miami International University of Art & Design, where I experienced proper hands on education. I always look back at these fond memories, hour long chats with Alvaro, Ahmed, Elia, Susan, Gigiola, Tracy.

Forward 17 years later, fate would have me meet yet more amazing Autodesk mentors, Sr. VFX & MG/Digital Color Science/Studio owners F.Cueto & N.Clemente at Reaktor Post & Transfer. During my tenure, I’ve had the opportunity to work as Studio VFX Editor/coordinator and Flame artist in many feature films and series, using Flame and Shotgun Studio to manage and track VFX & MG shots.