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TBS Source X

Team Black Sheep – Source X Source X video playlist TBS Source X 8 Videos Maiden prep 0:16 VO POV of first flight 0:16 FPV POV of first flight 0:16 Engines arm test First battery x-class DVR footage First battery xclass sonyA6K Second battery xclass (edit) Second battery x-class DVR footage X Class racing frame Team Black Sheeps Source X is an amazing  After 24 successful flights with the Source One Deadcat, fate had me run across a Team Black … Continue reading “TBS Source X”

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Source1 Deadcats

Team Black Sheep’s Source One 7″ Deadcat configuration – Analog+Video ongoing UAV aerial capabilities research. I’ve been flying an analog version for little under a year and this 7″ frame coupled with a Diatone Mamba F405 fc makes this a great floaty and fast build. This builds got Brother Hobby 2508/1700kv engines, powerful enough to handle the variety of 7″ bi- and tri- blade propeller selection. Currently favoring the Dalprop 7056 – cruising at 45-50 mph and maxing at 80 … Continue reading “Source1 Deadcats”

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sim·u·la·tor/ˈsimyəˌlādər/Learn to pronouncenoun Google definition a machine with a similar set of controls designed to provide a realistic imitation of the operation of a vehicle, aircraft, or other complex system, used for training purposes.”a driving simulator” a program enabling a computer to execute programs written for a different operating system.noun: simulator program; plural noun: simulator programs What better way of experiencing radio controlled hobbies that would otherwise be cost prohibitive; enter simulators. From the beginning of this journey I was led to … Continue reading “Simulator”

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Caguas Flash Mob

Fun time editing this improv. Back in 2015, collaborating again with fellow filmmaker Eladio Feliciano, this time an improv flash mob starting at the Centro Criollo de Ciencias y Tecnología del Caribe (also known as C3TEC), and making its way to the Plaza de Recreo Santiago R. Palmer where the plaza would light up with dance performance.

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Direct TV

A friend of a friend referred me to visionary designer Rene Juan de la Cruz, VJ Demencia providing motion graphics for a live event for Direct TV. A number of airplane themed vector graphics were animated as well as pre-boarding animated staging monitors on outside hallway.