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CINELIFTER TAURUS Taurus X8 HD Cinelifter w/ DJI Air Unit – BNF 2kg maximum payload for a variety of top-mounted cameras and the ability to fine-adjust the stable mount for a perfectly balanced CG (Center of Gravity). Telemetry interpretation widgets by Juan Irache BLACKBOX DATA OVERLAY RENDER-NO AUDIO BLACKBOX-NO AUDIO 4 Videos FLIGHT 002 6:52 FLIGHT 003 6:23 FLIGHT 005 4:50 FLIGHT 006 7:50 The unit comes to 6.04lb with a GoPro Hero 8 payload – increased weight – although … Continue reading “CINELIFTER”

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TBS Source X

Team Black Sheep – Source X Source X video playlist TBS Source X 8 Videos Maiden prep 0:16 VO POV of first flight 0:16 FPV POV of first flight 0:16 Engines arm test First battery x-class DVR footage First battery xclass sonyA6K Second battery xclass (edit) Second battery x-class DVR footage X Class racing frame Team Black Sheeps Source X is an amazing  After 24 successful flights with the Source One Deadcat, fate had me run across a Team Black … Continue reading “TBS Source X”

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Source1 Deadcats

Team Black Sheep’s Source One 7″ Deadcat configuration – Analog+Video ongoing UAV aerial capabilities research. I’ve been flying an analog version for little under a year and this 7″ frame coupled with a Diatone Mamba F405 fc makes this a great floaty and fast build. This builds got Brother Hobby 2508/1700kv engines, powerful enough to handle the variety of 7″ bi- and tri- blade propeller selection. Currently favoring the Dalprop 7056 – cruising at 45-50 mph and maxing at 80 … Continue reading “Source1 Deadcats”