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CINELIFTER TAURUS Taurus X8 HD Cinelifter w/ DJI Air Unit – BNF 2kg maximum payload for a variety of top-mounted cameras and the ability to fine-adjust the stable mount for a perfectly balanced CG (Center of Gravity). Telemetry interpretation widgets by Juan Irache BLACKBOX DATA OVERLAY RENDER-NO AUDIO BLACKBOX-NO AUDIO 4 Videos FLIGHT 002 6:52 FLIGHT 003 6:23 FLIGHT 005 4:50 FLIGHT 006 7:50 The unit comes to 6.04lb with a GoPro Hero 8 payload – increased weight – although … Continue reading “CINELIFTER”

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TBS Source X

Team Black Sheep – Source X Source X video playlist TBS Source X 8 Videos Maiden prep 0:16 VO POV of first flight 0:16 FPV POV of first flight 0:16 Engines arm test First battery x-class DVR footage First battery xclass sonyA6K Second battery xclass (edit) Second battery x-class DVR footage X Class racing frame Team Black Sheeps Source X is an amazing  After 24 successful flights with the Source One Deadcat, fate had me run across a Team Black … Continue reading “TBS Source X”

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Source1 Deadcats

Team Black Sheep’s Source One frame has taken quite the beating and keeps on going, these things are TONKA grade (they’ll break if you hit them hard enough). I’ve been flying an analog version for little under a year and this 7″ frame coupled with a Diatone Mamba F405 fc makes this a great floaty and fast build. This builds got Brother Hobby 2508/1700kv engines, powerful enough to handle the variety of 7″ bi- and tri- blade propeller selection. Currently … Continue reading “Source1 Deadcats”