Alfredo Colon

Digital Media Consultant

Source1 Deadcats

Team Black Sheep’s Source One frame has taken quite the beating and keeps on going, these things are TONKA grade (they’ll break if you hit them hard enough).

I’ve been flying an analog version for little under a year and this 7″ frame coupled with a Diatone Mamba F405 fc makes this a great floaty and fast build. This builds got Brother Hobby 2508/1700kv engines, powerful enough to handle the variety of 7″ bi- and tri- blade propeller selection. Currently favoring the Dalprop 7056 – cruising at 45-50 mph and maxing at 80 at 0mph wind conditions for about a good 7 minutes worth of flight on a 1500mah 6s 100c LiPo battery – keen on throttle management.

Given this, I’ve decided to test the frame with the DJI fpv system. My only concern – by far a deal breaker as I realized this later whilst programming the OSD – the osd is not saved in Goggles DVR. I’ll have to rely on Blackbox data and further analizing data were I to compare