GoPro Hero 8 Black first impressions

Where to start but stating the obvious, this is NOT a film camera, this is an amazing action camera. Now what I do I mean by that, decent footage for working green screen and or tracking’s color chroma subsampling is a minimum at 4:2:2, the Hero 8 Black’s footage is 4:2:0 – blacks tend to be grey-ish and it doesn’t capture well in low lighting conditions.

HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilisation availability on all shooting modes – including 1080p at 240fps, for a theoretical butter-smooth slow mo result. Yeah, the algorithm can only go so far. And so far, the tests look amazing!

Having recently acquired the company that compiled the video stabilization application ReelSteady (website) (Facebook); GoPro has released two firmware updates so far for the Hero 8 Black.

The hypersmoothed 240FPS feature just blew my mind. Even shooting at 120 opens a window of slow motion capabilities – add the ND filters and it’s a recipe for amazing colorful footage.

The footage certainly looks promising, it handled a 1600% size increase and did not look blurry or loose noticeable features.

This was shot at 2.7k setup (2704 x 1520) and prepped in 1520×1520 format for Instagram.

Notice the heavy stabilization compensation coming out of the flip in the below video overlay of the pilot camera footage.

These graphic widgets are mainly driven by GPS data. Other widgets rely on either acceleration or gyro telemetry information, additional extracted telemetry data but not yet programmed/implemented at time of test; Acceleration, Gravity, Orientation, RGB. 

Author: fredz21

Digital Media Designer