Multirotor videography

The main reason why I originally acquired this amazing piece of engineering – creating stunning cinematic aerial photo/videography. Having started off in the multirotor hobby at it’s most raw form, smaller custom acrobatic drones, capable of carrying a piggyback GoPro with far superior maneuverability capabilities than I would have expected, the decision to venture into the fledgling field.

Cinematic FPV Freestyle & Flow by Le Drib

Advancements in AI algorithms by none less than Intel are pushing the boundaries what autonomous unmanned ai driven craft can accomplish. Read it straight from Intel’s Drone Light Show booking page, rent the 200 drone package for the low price of *$99,000.00 (Starting at)
60 second TV Spot

Funny enough, Toyota had recently shot a very peculiar car spot, “Changos” featuring american multirotor pilot Steele Davis, with roots in racing turned videographer/multirotor brand “ETHX” – he flies a 6S Apex 5″ (many options to choose to get you up and flying) you’ll only need a GoPro.

That said, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and share with various highly skilled local pilots capable of similar stunts offering videography and editing services.

In the years working feature films post production, one name kept coming up throughout most of various films and series drone shots – Su-Jeng Sang and Drone Dogs. It would seem we may have even crossed paths during the filming of Nicolas Cage’s Primal filmed in Puerto Rico, and we finally come to meet at one of the acrobatic drone session gatherings. Birds of the same flock I take, he’s one of the most humble, multi-disciplinary gifted mentors I’ve met in my journey in post production. Follow them on Facebook: Drone Dogs

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